Getting Started


Download the plugin ZIP archive and install it through the Add plugin > Upload plugin form in your admin.

Create Audios

Click Audios > Add new. Add a title, start recording, edit and publish. Wait for the page to reload.

Use Audios

Find your new audios in the WordPress Media Library. Use them in your posts and pages.



Start creating and editing audios by going to Audios > Add new. Use the audio posts in Audios > All Audio
Find the audios in mp3 format in the Media Library and easily insert them into your contents, using WordPress, themes and plugins media insertion options.
Simple audios posts are created for the frontend. You must update your permalinks for them to work. (WordPress Settings > Permalinks)


Frontend Editor: [audio-editor] (Editor page is automatically created)
Frontend audios list: [audio-my-list] (My audios page is automatically created)


The first time you record, you must allow your website to access the microphone when your browser invites you.
After creating from the frontend editor, you are redirected to the audio list page and you can re-edit audios from there.
In this first version, multiple re-edition is not recommanded as the output volume is a bit lower than original and the more you edit the more the volume lowers. We will fix this issue in the next versions
Frontend audio creation and edition are restricted to logged-in users